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Dear Reader!

Some months ago I discovered a new hobby. Since that time I have been dealing with family research.
Unfortunately, the matter is somehow tricky in my case. My ancestors are from  former German regions in East Europe, which nowadays belong to Poland, Russia or Lithuania. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find out anything about the past.
I guess it could be helpful to utilize the World Wide Web's technology. I would be very pleased if I could obtain any information regarding my family this way.
Do you possibly wear one of my families' surnames? Or do you perhaps know a person with one of these names? Are you interested yourself in family research? Do you have an advice for my further investigations by chance?
Please find below my grand parents' surnames. Here you can also see the places where their families once lived.

Kneller Danzig
Laudien Danzig, Nordenburg (East Prussia)
Kapust Jankeiten (Region of Memel)
Matusza (also: Mattusze) Szodeiken-Jonell (Region of Memel)

Do you know any name? Be so kind as to send me a message.
I have already compiled some information concerning my ancestors in a table. Perhaps you discover here anybody who is a member of your family as well.